Anna Maria Giacomelli Anna Maria Giacomelli

The vineyards are 10-20 years old; plants are vertical-trellised, with a total of 5000 plants per hectare. The grapevines are planted in rows 2.50 meters apart, with 0.80 meters between plants in each row. This type of planting arrangement permits vines to be Guyot-trained, alternating with the spurred cordon method, depending on the cultivar, and therefore on the fertility, of the vineyards.

This traditional training system facilitates integrated pest management, thus faciliting plant protection.


The early 1970 saw the creation of the first vineyards planted according to modern rules, respecting the regulations of Chianti Consortium of which this farm has been a member since september 6, 1966. During this long period, the farm has seen many changes in the Consortium itself.

In 1967 the DOC (Denomination of Certified Origin) and subsequently in 1984 the DOCG (Denomination of Certified and Guaranteed Origin) were recognized. Currently, the "ERGA OMNES" program ensures the quality control of the entire productive chain.

Respect for these regulations down to the smallest detail, in recently planted vineyards as well, always provides a top quality product, guaranteed by a scrupulous control of every step of the productive chain.


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